sanshiro goyaの画像


Birth year: 1980  
Birthplace: Kyoto
Location: Shiga 

He started playing the bass at the age of 16. He has formed a few bands and played in them, but he started becoming more interested in sound processing rather than in the melodies or playing instruments. Before long, he was hooked on creating sounds through effects processors and synthesizers. In 2000, he formed an experimental three-piece band called Proto ("Prototype") that played in live music clubs in Kyoto and Osaka. After his band broke up, he attempted several other solo efforts. Right now he's cruising along solo at his own pace as a part of his lifework.


1. The music: it makes us feel like flying comfortably.
2. The music: something that he himself wants to listen to.
3. The music: it shows us scenery.

The repetition of waves gives us imagination, and a stack of phrases creates an original scenery of sounds. He produces songs with making a point that he himself is listener more than he is a player or artist.


He is influenced by various genres. They are...Rock, Pop, Techno, Progressive rock, German rock, Noise music, Video-game music, Classical, Jazz, New Age, as well as others.
He was particularly and deeply influenced by the spirits of German rock musicians and they have become an essential ground of his activity.

"Thank you for your visiting. I cherish good vibrations and feelings. You can listen to my songs here. Please enjoy them. I'll be grateful if you feel something special from my music."


sanshiro goya